Building an Interact Club

How to form an Interact Club: (Clubs can be school or community based)
1. Form an Interact subcommittee.
*Identify the membership base.                                                                                                         Student can be from the age of 12-18.  (Middle School through High School)
2. Hold informational and organizational meetings.                                                                                 Identify the Rotary Club member and on site Advisors.                                                               *There is no fee to become a member of the Interact Club
3 Chartering an Interact Club                                                                                                            * Complete the Interact Club Organization List.
* Submit the list to the District Governor and send a copy to the District Interact Chair.  The District Governor will forward the competed form to Rotary International to request that the Club be chartered.

Interact clubs allow Rotary’s new generations to be involved in community
life and develop skills to become responsible and productive members
of society.

How to Form a Successful Interact Club:
-Student run club
-Involved Advisor and Sponsoring Rotary Club
-Involve all members
-Effective communication
-Trained leadership
-Organized meetings
-Worthwhile projects
-Fun and profitable fundraisers

-Download Interact Handbook
        -Download Interact Brochure
        –Interact Club Organization List
        Sample Membership Application

Please contact Kristen Allen, District 7950 Interact Co-Chair, at, if you would like assistance in starting a Club at your high school or in your community.