“The Interact Club is a club that gave me the opportunity to not only help my community, but impact other people around the world. It gave me the confidence to get out there and make the community better, and for that I am so greatful. It also inspired me to pursue volunteering for the rest of my life, which makes me feel accomplished and happy to know I am making a difference.”

“The Interact Club is an organization that I admire and am fortunate to be a part of. It gives me great pleasure to know I am helping not only our school and community, but people all over the world. I know our hard work is for a good cause and Interact makes it possible to help people in need.”

“For me, the Interact Club is the perfect way to make new friends and serve your community at the same time. It has really sparked my interest in volunteering and inspired me to continue helping others in need all over the world. My participation with this organization over the past 4 years has taught me that even just a little goes a long way when some people have virtually nothing. i know that my time has definitely not been wasted because I know that making even one person smile due to my efforts is worth it.”