Long Term Exchange

Long Term Exchange

This involves a school year and is only open to students who will be 15-18 1/2 years of age at the time they leave to commence the program abroad. Students applying for the program should not have graduated from High School but, may be considered if they meet certain age requirements for a specific country.

The student typically leaves in late summer and spends the entire year in a foreign country by going to school, learning another language, and becoming totally immersed in the culture. 

Country selection for the exchange is based on language proficiency, academic record,  and leadership qualities.

During that time they will stay with at least two different host families, travel extensively, and experience a year that will color and shape the rest of their lives. Students may not live with a relative during their exchange year.

The long term exchange is sponsored by a local Rotary club and is a true exchange, meaning that the year the student is abroad the Rotary club is sponsoring an “inbound” student from another country and is therefore responsible for finding 2-3 host families to house the student within their own community.

No family who has a student in the District 7950 Youth Exchange Program is required to host a student.

No monitory compensation is given to a family for hosting a student.

To download the extensive application to start this process, to read more about it, and to view the country selection list which changes frequently due to State Dept. regulations, go to: www.exchangestudent.org

Contact Kristine David, Rotary Youth Exchange Chair, at kd7950@gmail.com if you have any questions regarding the Long Term Rotary Exchange Program.

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS:   November 15th of each year.

*All applicants must be sponsored by a local Rotary Club    

*Sponsoring local Rotary Club must agree to host an Inbound Exchange Student during the year of the exchange.