RYLA Rules of Conduct

1. Student participants must receive transportation to and from Cape Cod Sea Camps. Students are not allowed to drive themselves to the event. This minimizes many unnecessary issues that can arise with the presence of student’s personal vehicles.

2. Students may not arrive late, leave the RYLA site or be dismissed earlier than the published conference schedule, without permission from RYLA leadership.

3. Student participants will attend all scheduled meetings and activities.

4. Students are to conduct themselves at meals, in the family cabins, and during all activities in a manner that will bring credit to themselves, their schools, their families, and their sponsors.

5. SMOKING IS PROHIBITED anywhere during the camp weekend. This is to respect all participants and to avoid a potential fire hazard.

6. ANY MEDICATIONS, whether prescribed or “over-the-counter”, must be identified on the containers and discussed with the RYLA Medical Staff for administration. (Inhalers and Epi-Pens may be kept on your person BUT RYLA Medical Staff and the Director(s) must be notified of the student’s possession of such medication).

7. Alcohol, Drugs and Unidentified Medications are NOT ALLOWED Anywhere at Anytime. Any student in the possession of alcohol, drugs, and unidentified medications, will be immediately discharged from the conference & their parents /guardians are responsible for transporting them from camp.

8. Injuries must be reported immediately to the RYLA Medical Staff and RYLA leadership.

9. Cell Phone and Personal Music Devices: To ensure the maximum benefit of the RYLA weekend we must prohibit the use of cell phones, text messaging, and other forms of technology as they can be a distraction for others. Cell phones and other technology devices must be kept off during all scheduled events. Cell phones shall NOT TO BE USED AFTER 11:45pm.  Your Family Rotarian Advisor can be entrusted to hold your phone during the day for any anticipated emergency communication. If you have a problem adhering to the technology policy you may be asked to surrender your electronic device(s) for the remainder of the weekend.

10. LIGHTS-OUT is a scheduled time contained in our Program. Respect for others requires quiet within the assigned sleeping quarters. This includes the in-house use of cell phone equipment.

   * “Family” meals are to be taken together with your discussion group members.
* “Open Seating” meals are intended for meeting others & sharing your weekend     experience
*  During “Working” meals your polite attention to the discussion topic is important
*  Each group is responsible for cleaning their eating area after each meal


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