“RYLA was an eye opening experience that got me out of my comfort zone, thinking about my role in the community, and ultimately the world. It showed me how to be a leader and how to use networking to accomplish my goals. I learned that, if you have a goal and take steps to accomplish your goal, anything is possible. You can’t judge people based on appearances and stereotypes because everyone has idea that if heard can help change the world.”

“RYLA was an experience that I will never forget. I met so many new people by putting myself out there during activities and learned valuable advice that helped to be a better leader and also better able to work in a team. I loved it and would not change any moment of it!”

“To me, RYLA means that previous generations have hope in the upcoming generations. I hope that it will be a lifelong opportunity for me.”

“RYLA means to me lifelong friends, new confidence, and great support. I was quiet, shy, and scared as I was arriving at RYLA or to any new experience. Now, after RYLA, I go into every experience head first facing it, not afraid to fall because I know my friends from RYLA will be there to help catch me and pick me up when I fall, and support and applaud me when I succeed.”

“RYLA means a lot to me. This is because I thought that I didn’t have anything I needed to change. I learned how to trust people a little better and how to be a better teacher. A leader is not one, but someone who can get things done for people. I may be the voice you hear, but many people come up with the answers or idea. RYLA is a one in a life time experience and I’m glad that I got to participate and be asked to come back again.”

“RYLA can never be described correctly. When I think of  RYLA so many different thoughts and emotions come to mind that will never be expressed in a book let alone a 10 line note card. In short, RYLA is everything that you wish it to be: for me it was finding myself, appreciating what life has to offer and knowing that I can achieve anything I want to. For every person it’s going to mean something different, but no matter who it is:  RYLA is life-changing”.

“RYLA is an experience that changed my outlook on life. It’s not about your past, it’s about what you’re doing in the present and how you plan to change the future for the better. We all have leadership qualities in us. RYLA builds them exponentially.”

“RYLA meant a weekend with people who enjoy making a difference.”

“This weekend was absolutely worth it. I grew so much, and broke out of my shell.  I no longer feel fear when it comes to speaking in front of a crowd.  I also was able to meet a group of kids I would probably not meet any other way.”

“As a student leader I am now ready to fully let my voice be heard, rather than sitting back and letting others take the lead role.   I am also ready to show others and teach then that not only can that do the same thing, but also how.”

“It opened my mind to new ideas, cultures, and people.”

“I had an amazing weekend and I never thought I would.  THANK YOU !”

“Even though I had no idea what to expect, I loved everything about it – plus I learned so much about myself, my new friends, and leadership.”

“It was an opportunity to meet new people and do things that I normally wouldn’t.”